Rules of Conduct

for Patrons of the North Tonawanda Public Library

The Board of Trustees of the North Tonawanda Public Library, under Section 262 of the New York State Education Law, has adopted rules of conduct to ensure an atmosphere conducive to appropriate use of the services and facilities of the North Tonawanda Public Library.

Violation of these rules or violations of local, state, or federal law may result in immediate suspension or revocation of library privileges and possible civil liability or criminal prosecution.

  1. Children under the age of ten must be accompanied by a responsible adult
  2. Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times
  3. No engaging in any action or behavior which is lewd, disruptive, disorderly, or potentially harmful to others
  4. No inappropriate use of the library
  5. No use of any forms of smoking devices or smokeless tobacco products, alcohol, or illegal drugs in library or on library grounds.
  6. No utilizing restrooms inappropriately
  7. No interfering with another person’s use of the Library
  8. No interfering with a staff member’s performance of their duties
  9. No parking in non-designated areas of drive or parking lot, or other inappropriate use of the parking area and/or drive areas.
  10. No skateboarding/street hockey or in-line skating
  11. No possession of weapons on Library premises except by law enforcement personnel
  12. No animals allowed on Library premises with the exception of service animals
  13. No soliciting, surveying, selling of any kind, political campaigning, and distribution or posting of materials not specifically authorized by the Library Director
  14. No stealing or causing damage to Library property
  15. No violation of any law while on library premises

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