Teen Space

Did you know that teens have their own section in the library? A study/lounge nook is located near the young adult fiction and graphic novel collections.

What are Graffiti Books?

They’re teen fiction we WANT you to write in; no, really. We have a new collection of teen fiction that we want you to comment in, doodle, underline your favorite quotes, and interact with other people’s comments—we even provide the pen.

Check out our section in the black bookcase in the teen section, grab a book, a pen from the Info Desk, and join the conversation!

We don’t have what you want?

Let us know by filling out our contact form or chat with us on social media. We love to hear from you!

Teen Book Bags

They’re back!  Sign up for a FREE Teen Book Bag subscription and get three months of customized book bags, 1 each month! Each Book Bag will include:

  • At least 1 library book, picked by a librarian, based on the month’s theme & your preferences (usual lending dates apply).
  • 1 special goody, tailored to the month’s theme & some candy or a snack
  • Everything is ready the 1st week of each month, curbside or in-house, your choice.

Our upcoming subscription runs from January to March and the themes are:

  • Stars of 2020/2021 (the best of books published in 2021 & 2022)
  • Books We Love
  • Ladies of Literature (books written by ladies, starring ladies)

Sign up today at the Information Desk or fill out the form below:


NTPL Book Bag Form

Tell us what you like! Or don’t, and the librarians will just give you their favorites (hope you like fantasy, graphic novels, and high literary classics!)

Genres You Like: * (Select as many as you like)

Genres You Hate or Would NEVER Read! *

Are you OK with maybe receiving books published for adults?

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