Library Policies

Library Cards

Anyone living in Niagara, Orleans or Genesee County (Nioga Library System) is entitled to a free library card. To apply for a card you must present proper identification with your name and street address. Applicants under the age of 18 require a parent’s signature. Children are eligible for their own cards at age five.

Library Cards for Non-Residents

If you live in Erie County you can still apply for a card with proper identification. There is a $40.00 annual fee. This entitles the cardholder to borrow up to ten items, printed materials only (no audio-video materials).

Loan Periods and Item Limits

  • Limit of 40 items per card.
  • Borrowers will not be allowed to check out items if there is a lost item on their record, or if unpaid fines total more than $5.00.
  • Books and magazines are loaned for 21 days, new books for 14 days.
  • DVDs and Blu-rays are loaned for 7 days.
  • Music CDs are loaned for 7 days.
  • Audiobooks marked NEW may be checked out for 14 days, all others are loaned for 21 days.
  • The total number of Audio/Video materials (CDs, DVDs, Audio books) allowed is 20.
  • Video Games are loaned for 7 days; you can check out up to four at once.
  • Civil service study guides are loaned for 7 days.

Using Library Computers

The Library currently provides patrons access to desktop computers and free wi-fi.  There are 16 desktop computers available for use by adult patrons.  For use by youth patrons, there are 3 desktop computers and 2 AWE Early Literacy Computers.  The use of Library computers and wi-fi requires an understanding of and adherence to the Library’s Computer and Internet Use Policy and the Library’s Rules of Conduct.


Library computers provide patrons with the ability to print in either black and white (15 cents per page for standard, 20 cents per page for legal sized) or color (50 cents per page).  The library does not provide refunds for unwanted print jobs.

Privacy and Saving Work

Public computer are equipped with protective software that prohibits any permanent changes be saved to the computer.  When a patron completes a session, all changes such as browsing history and documents saved to the computer are erased.  Lost information cannot be recovered.

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